Superhero for a Month Volunteer-A-Thon!

The Triangle has its very own superhero:

The Blue Beacon!  

I'm on a mission: To help people. It’s always the right time to help someone, and there’s always a someone out there who needs help.

My mission objective: To volunteer and improve the community every single day for one month, making a point to highlight various non-profits and causes such as homelessness, domestic violence, terminal illness, senior citizens, and animals in shelters, then to share the incredible stories of my superheroic life and the undoubtedly superheroic volunteers I will meet along the way.

By sharing these nonprofit stories, I will draw attention to organizations and people that need people like YOU to come volunteer, too! Plus, you’ll get to read about me getting very, very tired — unless I develop real superpowers, which I’m not ruling out. Either way, it’ll be encouraging, inspirational, and amusing.

I begin my journey–my mission at Note in the Pocket, Raleigh Rescue Mission and Zach’s Toy Chest. I’ll update daily, and if I don’t have a non-profit to volunteer with that day, I’ll do a super act of kindness and post that. Stay tuned, citizens.

Be sure to follow along as I keep a running dairy of each day's adventure at the Candid Slice blog.

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